The Whippersnappers Guide To Canny SALE Shopping

The Whippersnappers Guide To Canny SALE Shopping

We're well into SALE season but there are still lots of bargains out there. Here's our guide to get the most out of your sale shopping and get some super cool outfits for those little ones.

Transeasonal Dressing

Dungarees, Pinafores and Sleeveless Dresses are great sale buys as they can be layered with Cardigans, Long Sleeved Tops and Wooly Tights. Perfect for wearing now and then right through the summer without the layers. 

Look out for pieces which work well across the seasons so you can get more wear out of them. Fabrics like denim, cotton and chambray are good for this.

Classic Basics

Classic Basic Long Sleeved Tops and Body Suits are always a good buy as they are so useful for layering (see above). Buy in neutral or multi colours to get maximum usage and coordinate with multiple outfits.

Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Buy now, wear all year round! Plus these are items which you can buy a bit bigger to get extra mileage from them. Sweatshirts and hoodies still look good even when they are a little bit big. 

Pieces That "Grow"

There are many brands out there who excel at this with their clever designs. Frugi and The Bonnie Mob being two of them. Look out for multiple button holes on Dungarees and Pinafores to adjust as they get taller, cuffs that turn down and trousers that can be rolled up or down.  

The Great British Weather

Don't forget that it doesn't generally warm up until May so long sleeves and jumpers will still be worn for a good few months if you buy them now. Remember the old saying, "Ne'er cast a clout till May is out!"

Look Ahead

It's always worth looking out for bargains that will fit them next Autumn / Winter. Children grow fast so you'll be amazed how quickly they'll grow into that fabulous item even if it's way too big right now.

Not all items in the current sales are from the Autumn / Winter season either. There are still pieces from last Spring / Summer out there and the beauty of children's clothing is that it isn't as trend-led as teen / adult fashion. Which is why the pre-loved market is booming in this category (see below). If you're planning a getaway this summer then now is a really good time to buy their Swimwear and other beach essentials.


Pre-Loved Is Good

You might have younger children yourself or friends with younger children who you can pass items down to. Good quality children's clothes can last through several owners if they're taken care of. I've passed items on to friends from my older two girls and am now receiving them back for my youngest! Adding extra life to your purchases like this is a much more environmentally conscious way to live as well as being good for your pocket.

Make Some Extra Cash

Did you realise there's a large market for re-sale of your favourite organic brands? Well there is! The beauty of buying organic cotton clothing is that it does last longer and if cared for you will be surprised how well items can hold their value. We have our own pre-loved return and earn scheme. Click the link for full details.


Aside from our own there are lots of other re-sell groups out there. Here's a list of some of my favourites on Facebook:

Frugi Boys & Girls Resale

Love for Duns Sweden Clothing

Frugi & Scandi B/S/T

DUNS Sweden Addicts

Frugi & Organic Loveliness

Frugi UK and Organic / Scandi Preloved Kids Clothing

This is always worth considering when you're weighing up whether to splash out on that sale item you've had your eye on. You might find some further bargains too!

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