It's Earth Day! Our Commitment To Investing In Our Planet

It's Earth Day! Our Commitment To Investing In Our Planet

A more sustainable world starts with all of us. We all have the ability to make a difference, but positive change can only happen when we all work together. Earth Day seems like the perfect time to let our customers know what we are doing as a business to play our part and invest in our planet.

1. Working with ethical and sustainable clothing brands like Little Green Radicals, Frugi, The Bonnie Mob and DUNS Sweden who produce all garments responsibly and in organic and Fairtrade fabrics. The fashion industry is responsible for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. Sourcing and buying more responsibly will reduce this.

2. Using recycled and sustainable packaging when mailing your orders.

3. Giving our customers reusable cotton bags for purchases made in our shop.

4. Powering our shop on green energy.  

5. Sourcing products that inspire the next generation to be environmentally conscious. From the Little People Big Dreams book about Greta Thunberg to the Plant A Tree Kit by The Den Kit Co, there's something for all of tomorrow's budding eco warriors.

6. Wood is good! That's why we stock wooden toys. Sustainable, stylish, durable and fun. Everything a toy should be.

7. Introducing a pre-loved clothing return service in conjunction with Little Green Radicals and SuperLooper. Circular fashion is the future! More news on this coming VERY soon!

A few small changes can make the world of difference. For inspiration of how you can get involved check out 52 Ways To Invest In Our Planet on the Earth Day website here or play a quick game of Sustainability Bingo courtesy of our friends at NoIssue Packaging...

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