Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Christmas Eve boxes have exploded in popularity over the past few years. They are an excellent way to manage the excitement of little ones before the big day itself and as anyone with children knows, this can be one helluva challenge! They also make Christmas Eve even more magical and after the year most of us have had, we are all for that! So if you don't know where to start or are stuck for ideas, here are some of ours... 

The Box

Opt for something that can be kept and re-used year after year. These tins from Rachel Ellen Designs are beautifully decorated and will hold plenty of treats.

Rachel Ellen Christmas Eve Tin £13


A new pair of Christmas PJs makes the perfect addition to a Christmas Eve Box and will ensure they look fully festive for those Christmas morning shots of them opening their presents. These traditional Christmas PJs from Little Green Radicals are fabulous for children aged 2+ and the Norsebot Sleepsuits are a gorgeous retro choice for babies. 

Little Green Radicals Classic Pyjamas £32
Norsebots Sleepsuit £22

Things to Do

No Christmas Eve box would be complete without something to keep them occupied as they await Santa's arrival. Clockwork Soldier make wonderful kits that are perfect for this job. Make fluttering butterflies or paper aeroplanes, or design your own robots as show in the picture. Rachel Ellen's Christmas themed colouring books are also a good choice.

Clockwork Soldier Kits From £5
Rachel Ellen Colouring Books £2


Fun & distracting. These Magical Unicorn Nail Stickers have been a best seller ever since we opened and will entertain all of those unicorn fans! 

Magical Unicorn Nail Stickers £3

Puzzles & games make a good addition too. This little tin by Floss & Rock contains 4 in a dinosaur theme.

Floss & Rock Games Compendium £13

Something Festive to Wear

A Christmas jumper or top is another good idea. These jolly jumpers from Frugi are sure to bring a smile to their face.

Jolly Christmas Jumper by Frugi £30

A Book

How about a festive book? A little hard-backed book like this one from Jellycat is just the right size to pop into a Christmas Eve Box or Tin.

If I Were An Elf £8.50

Something to Eat

No self respecting Christmas Eve Box would be complete without an edible treat or two. And if the idea of more sugar to fuel that excitement terrifies you, what could possibly be better than a Jellycat Mince Pie!

Jellycat Amuseable Mince Pie £16

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